Hear Motley Crue on ‘The Retaliators’ Theme Song ’21 Bullets’

Motley Crue is featured in “21 Bullets,” the theme song for the upcoming horror film The Retaliators.

“21 Bullets” was written by the Crue bassist Nikki Sixxalong with his Sixx: AM bandmate, James Michael. The track also features guest appearances by several other hard rock acts, including members of Asks Alexandria, Ice Nine Kills and From ashes to new.

The hard-hitting track features the respective rockers trading vocals and occasionally harmonizing on the verses. The powerful chorus echoes the film’s title with the ominous phrase, “Twenty-one bullets, twenty-one guns / Twenty-one daughters, twenty-one sons” spoken below.

Listen to “21 Bullets” below.

Given that The Retaliators was produced by Allen Kovac, Motley Crue’s longtime manager, it’s no surprise to see many notable musicians involved in the project. Drummer Tommy Lee plays a strip club DJ in the film, while Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix, Five Finger Death Punch members Ivan Moody, Zoltan Bathory and Chris Kael, and members of Escape fate and Ice Nine Kills are also on the cast.

The Retaliatorsofficial website summarizes his plot thus: “In The Retaliators, a standing priest uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder. A high-octane original soundtrack and cameos from some of the biggest names in rock set the tone as this horror thriller reveals a game of revenge played by a new set of rules.”

The Retaliators hits theaters Sept. 14.

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