Moving in white The singer chooses which ‘Angriest’ Metallica song he would like to cover

You can count Movable in white‘s Chris motionless among the many in the music industry with fandom and respect for Metallica. During a recent chat with KCAL 96.7 Wired in the Empire is hosted by RadioActive Mike Zthe discussion turned to Metallica, with Motionless revealing which song in the band’s catalog he would love to cover.

“I would absolutely do my favorite Metallica song of all time, which is ‘The Shortest Straw’ from …And justice for all“, says Motionless. “It is, in my opinion, one of the angrier, if not the angriest Metallica songs.”

The singer goes on to add, “In my opinion, [that is] their darkest, heaviest, angriest record. But that song, to me, just has a kind of aggressiveness that just set my teeth on fire. It’s my favorite and I’d love to cover it.”

Motionless is no stranger to Metallica covers, having previously played “My Friend of Misery” for a Kerrang! the compilation salute to Metallica’s Black album.

While Motionless has shared its reverence for Metallica, Motionless in White continues to forge a career that also deserves respect. The band has had a great year with them To score the end of the world album that made Loudwire’s 50 Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2022 sheet. The aptly titled “Masterpiece” did ours too 50 Best Rock and Metal Songs of 2022 the list as well, which can be seen below.

Moving in White’s Chris Moving talks with KCAL 96.7’s RadioActive Mike Z

Metallica, “The Shortest Straw”

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