Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Change ‘Partition’ Lyrics After Removing ‘Heated’ Ableist Slur

Beyonce‘s Renaissance has become a critically acclaimed album within days of its release, but the acclaim has not been without controversy – several fans took issue with the track “Heated” for its use of the Ableist slur “spaz” in the lyrics. In light of the backlash, Monica Lewinsky is now speaking out about one of Bey’s older tracks.


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On a Tuesday (August 2) Twitter post, the TV personality and activist shared a Variety article, which states that the 28-time Grammy winner will remove the skillful word from “Heated” in light of the backlash it received online. “Uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition,” Lewinsky added to the tweet.

“Partition,” the third single from Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth studio album, features Lewinsky’s name toward the end of the track’s first verse: “Oh, I’m so horny, yeah, he wanna f–k/ He hit all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse/ He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown,” Bey sings on the sultry R&B number.

A Twitter user then asked Lewinsky, “Did you reach out to Beyoncé or her team before you saw all the heat? I’m curious.” Lewinsky replied: “No, I haven’t. I mentioned it in the first Vanity Fair article I wrote in 2014… which was the first public thing I’d done in 10 years. but you make an interesting/reasonable point point…”

The 49-year-old – who infamously had an affair with former President Bill Clinton while working in the White House in 1995 and 1996 – very briefly referenced the line in “Partition” in her 2014 Vanity Fair function and said, “Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re speaking out, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton had everything on my dress,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky.’

While Beyoncé’s team has yet to comment on Lewinsky’s request, a rep shared Variety that the use of the word “spaz” in “Heated” was “not used intentionally in a harmful way.”

See Lewinsky’s tweets below.

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