Missy Elliott Can’t Wait To Collaborate With Jack Harlow To Preview Doritos Super Bowl LVII Ad … But Not Like This

We just figured out the second point in Jack Harlow‘s super spicy “love triangle.” On Tuesday morning (January 24), Doritos unveiled the second preview of its Super Bowl LVII ad revealing that none other than hip hop icon Missy Elliott is entering the snack attack.


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See the latest videos, charts and news

In the 15-second preview, Elliott is chilling in the studio surrounded by platinum records (with a bag of Doritos, of course) when her phone rings with a call she’s been waiting for. “Jack Harlow,” she practically sings as she answers. “So what?” Cooperation? You know, I’ve been waiting to collaborate,” she tells the unseen “First Class” MC.

“A love triangle?” Elliott then adds in disbelief. “I don’t know about that.” According to Doritos, both rappers will appear in the big game ad scheduled to run throughout February. 12 game at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

In the previous ad starring Harlow, he walks down a red carpet as paparazzi scream his name, with one snapper in particular smashing his face up against the limo to ask Jack a very important question. When Harlow gets a moment of peace in his ride and starts digging into a bag of the brand’s new Sweet and Sour BBQ Doritos, the dad yells, “Is that true about the love triangle?” Harlow ponders the question before popping a three-cornered chip into his mouth and slyly saying, “Maybe.” However, the image mishears him and shouts, “Baby? Are you going to have a baby?”

Harlow is just one of the A-list names on tap for this year’s championship game, and he’s in it Rihanna, who will headline the halftime show. Last year’s viral Doritos SB commercial was soundtracked by Queen’s 1984 hit “I Want to Break Free” and famous actor Matthew McConaughey in the bizarre role of #FlatMatthew. The 2020 version featured a dance-off between Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott in a wild west showdown following LNX’s global hit “Old Town Road”.

Watch the Elliott ad preview below.

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