You have to watch this teenage one-woman band do it all on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Why focus on one instrument when you can play them all at once. Somewhere along the way, Mia Morris had that realization.

The teenage student showed off her significant musical talents as she looked past America’s Got Talent Tuesday night (June 28).

The music comes from Nashville, TN, and is in Morris’ DNA. When she performed an original song, “Gone My Way”, the 17-year-old did not need the support of a backing band, instead she worked her way through several instruments and used a loop pedal to make the magic happen.

“My dream is to share my music and my writing with the world,” she said excitedly.

AGT is, of course, the place where dreams come true. She came to the right place.

“I think you’re one of the coolest girls to have been on that stage,” Sofia Vergara remarked.

“It was a bit of a mess at times,” Simon Cowell told a chorus of buh from the audience, “but then it should be again.” When she called the artist “original and talented,” Cowell remarked that her efforts, made live, “should not be perfect, which is why I loved it so much.”

The judges said four yes, and Morris moves into the competition.



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