Mhot & K-Ram’s MEEK & CHILL Duo Sign to Music Colony Records

Music Colony Records/Facebook

Published on: November 14, 2022, 11:01 PM PST

Filipino rappers Mhot and K-Ram, collectively known as MEEK & CHILL, are the latest artists under Music Colony Records, a sub-label of Warner Music Philippines. The brand made the announcement last night (November 14) on social media.

The two initially started their careers as battle rappers in the pioneer days FlipTop Rap Battle League and both are productive collaborators and budding entrepreneurs. The post hinted at new music from MEEK & CHILL soon, but hasn’t revealed any further details.

MEEK & CHILL join the growing hip-hop focused label alongside recent signings Whew, Rat shieldand JRLDM.

HipHopDX Asia Premieres Historic ‘The Regionals: Philippines’—Watch

Mhot recently worked with JRLDM and reunited with FlipTop rappers Looney and Jon Protegetogether with Midnasty Arkho for the historical !mind– produced “The Regionals: Philippines” in September.

Watch “The Regionals: Philippines” again below:

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