Methodist Says Rappers Make Good Actors Because of Being ‘Big Liars’ | HipHopDX

Method Man has enjoyed a successful second career in Hollywood, and he encouraged rappers to be able to transition into the world of acting without a problem due to their ability to deceive the public.

That Wu-Tang Clan rhymer recently joined Sherri Shepherd for a taping of her daytime talk show, where he credited rappers’ ability to lie to thrive as actors.

“I think a lot of rappers are big liars,” he said. “I just want to keep that money, a lot of them are big liars and I think that translates on screen. Honestly, it’s more about being able to stand in front of 15,000 people or 1,500 people and command their attention.

“Even like when people do plays. We know the scenery isn’t moving, and we know they’re not on an actual moving train, but we’re so fascinated by the actors and the process that’s going on in front of us that we allow ourselves to fall deeper into our imagination.”

Method Man is among the laundry list of names who have made waves in Hollywood after a lucrative career in music.

He has carved out a recurring role as a mainstay 50 cents Power world as lawyer David Maclean. The New York native has starred in previous films such as Soul Plane, Scary movie 3, How high and more.

Joey Bada$$ aligns with Method Man’s thinking, as the Brooklyn rapper admitted HipHopDX that acting comes quite instinctively to him.

“Acting generally comes pretty instinctively to me, and I think it’s a lot like music, just in a way where you go somewhere else,” Joey said. “Like on that stage I have to go into superstar mode. I’m still here but it’s like a superstar hangover, but when I’m at home it’s a different vibe where I’m chill.”

Joyner Lucas appears to be next in the rap-to-acting pipeline when Mark Wahlberg handpicked Lucas for his first film role. The untitled project is set to begin filming next year.

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