Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the style of Rammstein even has German lyrics

The musician Denis Pauna is a master of metal and hard rock “what-ifs”. What if Song X by Band Y was played in the style of Band Z? They are not mash-ups, but rather in-the-style-ofs.

Pauna has many Metallica “what if” on his YouTube page. What if Type O Negative wrote “The Unforgiven?” What if Alice in Chains wrote “Seek and Destroy?” And his latest, What if Rammstein wrote “Master of Puppets?”

The song played by Stranger Things‘ character Eddie Munson in the final episode of Season 4, has enjoyed an unprecedented resurgence over the past month. “Master of Puppets” moved up the streaming charts and made Metallica a household name in non-metal listening households.

So it’s only natural that Croatian Pauna, who have been making metal/rock/grunge style songs on YouTube for some time, would put a spin on it. Really, he was way ahead of the curve. He made one What If Alice In Chains Wrote “Master of Puppets” three years ago.

Check out his Rammstein soaked version below. It’s predictably (even more) ominous, and like Rammstein, sung in their native German! And it’s fun. We’ve also included some of Pauna’s other Metallica recordings.

Denis Paunas What if Rammstein wrote ‘Master of Puppets’

Denis Pauna’s What if Alice in Chains Wrote ‘Master of Puppets’

Denis Pauna’s What if Type O Negative Wrote Master of ‘Puppets’

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