Metallica Bring Back ‘Wherever We May Roam’ streaming series

If you stream Metallica’s last concert in 2022 wasn’t enough to see you through until now 72 Seasons finally hitting the streets, the band is following up with even more streams of live shows for fans to enjoy.

Starting this weekend (Jan. 8), Metallica will stream rare performances from “Black albumera via

“With the help of the archivists at Metallica Black Boxour friends at bring back Wherever We May Roam live stream series from a year ago,” the band wrote in an email sent to fans on January 6.

The series will feature 10 concerts spanning 1991-1993; a “new” concert will debut every Monday and Sunday for five weeks. The full program is below.

Metallica – Nugs Live Stream

Metallica / Blackened Recordings /

The Black Box Archival Livestream Schedule

Jan. 8
Graz, Austria
September 11, 1991

Jan. 9
Cleveland, Ohio
December 1, 1991

Jan. 15
Los Angeles, California
February 13, 1992

Jan. 16
Washington DC
July 17, 1992

Jan. 22
Pasadena, California
September 11, 1991

Jan. 23
Stuttgart, Germany
December 1, 1992

Jan. 29
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
February 13, 1993

Jan. 30
Jakarta, Indonesia
April 11, 1993

February 5
São Paulo, Brazil
May 2, 1993

February 6
Tel Aviv, Israel
June 30, 1993

Although these are rare performances and promise to be great experiences, the band gives a heads-up to fans.

If you remember these shows, you know they weren’t the polished productions you find today. These standard definition recordings come from Betacam tapes with occasional camera dropouts and the audio is direct from the soundboard. But these shows are no longer just a time capsule from the ’90s; they have received some modern upgrades, including a new, extended edit and mastered audio by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering.

If you can’t tune in to the stream, shows will be available on demand subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial. It is worth noting that, like, contains a huge archive of Metallica concerts from the last 40 years. Get more details here.

Watch Metallica perform “Wherever I May Roam” Live in São Paulo in 1993

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