Kirk Hammett is ready to score movies, there’s just one thing

Metallica fans who heard lead guitarist Kirk Hammett‘s debut solo EP, the spring Portals, probably has a pretty good idea of ​​what a film with a Hammett score would sound like. And the rocker told us exclusively that he’s willing to dip his toe into the film music world.

That would make sense. The EP’s four instrumental songs – “Maiden and the Monster”, “The Jinn”, “High Plains Drifter” and “The Incantation” – all whip up cinematic sonic visions one could easily imagine accompanied by a flick of the big screen .

That is, in contrast to Serj Tankian’s System of a Down or Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwoodnot to mention soundtrack masters Nine inch seam — all pro-rockers who have attached their musical talents to film — why hasn’t the Metallica member added music to a feature film yet?

“I’m waiting for the phone call,” Hammett said with a laugh when Loudwire asked him that question.

He pressed for more on the prospect, thinking, “I never doubted that I could do it. I just never got around to putting it out there that I’d be interested. But I think, you know, rather than to announce, “Okay, I’m ready to do soundtracks,” I’ll let them figure out whether or not the will work with me.”

The approach is an unsurprisingly cautious approach from the longtime Metallica shredder. Especially since followers of Hammett know he is one diehard horror fan. Actually, Portals‘opening track’The Maiden and the Monster,” was first released in 2017 for a screening of Hammett’s horror and sci-fi art collection.

But it’s not just vintage horror that Hammett loves. “We’re now going through the second golden era of horror,” he said of today’s films. “There’s so much great horror stuff out there – books, comics, toys, movies, shows. It’s so amazing. People are really pushing the envelope.”

Hammett continued, “For a long time, through most of the ’80s and a lot of the ’90s, horror was just a big take on all the silly themes. It was a bit much, you know? So the whole zombie thing came in, and that was it everything zombie. And I was so tired. Then the ‘creepy kid’ came in and it was just, oh no, another creepy kid movie.”

He added: “Now you have this whole folk horror genre. It’s a genre that was never really fully explored and people are exploring it now. And the consequence is you have some great movies coming out that are so fantastic. Midsummer [horror director Ari Aster‘s 2019 film] is like folklore, you know? It’s one of the best horror movies to come out in a while.”

Right now, Hammett is on the road with Metallica, finishing theirs summer 2022 tour assignments (check here for tickets). But maybe eventually we will see a film scored by the guitarist – something like 90 minutes Portals would be quite a trip. (Portals can be bought on Metallica’s website.)

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