Metallica Reveal Plan for In-Person 2022 Fundraising Concert + Auction

It’s lit, it’s personal, and it should be pretty spectacular. We are talking about the 2022 edition of Metallica‘s annual “Helping Hands” concert and auction, as the band remains one of the most philanthropic acts in music.

This marks the third year of the special show, which annually raises money for Metallica All Within My Hands Foundation which in turn is used in a range of areas from helping food banks to providing bursaries and assisting with critical local services.

“We are excited to announce the date of our third Helping Hands Concert and Auction as we invite you to join us in Los Angeles on December 16, 2022 for a very special show to benefit All Within My Hands. It’s been a few years since we personally joined this unique event, so we want to get on your calendar now.” informed the group.

“We’re excited to share all the great things the foundation has accomplished, and we’re inspired to look to the future. Of course, we’ll finish it all off with a full night of live music!”

While the city and date have been set, the exact location of the special show as well as ticket information have yet to be revealed. So tune in and enjoy this early holiday party with the band.

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