10 Metalcore bands that don’t (or barely) use clean vocals

Ever since the explosion in the early 2000s, metalcore as a genre is often associated with the dual vocal approach of clean singing and heavier screaming, something contemporary heavyweights such as I am victorious, wage war and Amity Affliction has maintained the tradition and at the same time moved the genre into fresh new places.

Elsewhere there are similar ones Bring me the horizon and Architectswho have traded their early screams for almost exclusively melodic vocals, leaving metalcore as we’ve known it behind in the process.

Despite the growing popularity of metalcore bands that prefer to sing rather than scream, there are still some – both in the modern scene and those who pioneered the genre – who still rely almost exclusively on harsh vocals.

From metalcore’s earliest proponents to those carrying the flag today, these are 10 metalcore bands that don’t (or hardly ever) use clean vocals:

10 Metalcore bands that don’t (or barely) use cleaning vocals

It’s not what you usually think of when you think of metalcore, is it?

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