Couples exchange guitars instead of rings at the wedding ceremony

Is it the “most heavy metal wedding ever”? That’s what a “headbanging bride and groom” were aiming for when they swapped electric guitars instead of wedding rings at their wedding, which New York Post reported.

It is true! Last month, video creator Madi Danger and her husband, Jay Aspen, tied the knot in Idaho Falls, Idaho. But as a “less stressful and more personal” solution to common “crappy” wedding bands, they say, the couple swapped Gibson Explorers.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

“It was really funny because the guitars had been hidden for so long — like when the groom can’t see the bride,” Danger tells the Post of the couple’s very metal ceremony. “Only a few people knew about it, so some people were shocked and then they were excited about it.”

The idea for the guitars came naturally to Madi and Jay after they casually discussed what new instruments they wanted. Now that’s a great idea for a metal couple!

“We talked about what guitars we wanted and we looked Gibson’s website at the Explorers,” Danger explains. “I joked that we were switching them for our wedding, then we decided to do that instead.”

She adds: “I really like Victorian style rings but they’re hard to find and the ones we saw looked really cheap and awful. Jay wouldn’t buy me a bad ring and he doesn’t like anyway to wear rings..”

“Most Heavy Metal Wedding Ever”: Bride + Groom trade guitars, not rings

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