Megan Thee Stallion accuses 1501 brand of ‘harassing’ Roc Nation CEO

Megan Thee stallion has accused 1501 Certified Entertainment of “harassment” Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez in her ongoing legal battle with the brand.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHopthe Houston rapper recently filed for a protective order against Perez in an attempt to prevent 1501 from ousting the Roc Nation boss.

1501, which has been embroiled in a long-running dispute with Megan over her contract, reportedly issued a subpoena to question Perez in the case, which Megan’s lawyers criticized as an “underhanded tactic.”

“1501 is not seeking relevant, admissible evidence because Perez has none,” the rapper’s legal team wrote. “Rather, 1501 is intent on harassing Perez and interfering with her responsibilities as CEO of Roc Nation.”

They added: “1501 is not seeking to remove Perez for any legitimate reason, and the position in this dispute reveals that 1501’s hope is to avoid having its decision decided on the merits. The Court should not tolerate what is at best gamesmanship or in at worst, an abuse of the legal process. Accordingly, the notice should be quashed and a protective order should be issued.”

A long-time friend and business partner of JAY-ZPerez co-founded Roc Nation with the rap mogul in 2008 and has served as the company’s CEO since 2019.

Megan Thee stallion first sued 1501 Certified Entertainment in March 2020and claimed the Houston-based label blocked her from releasing music while refusing to renegotiate the contract she signed in 2018, which she called “unconscionable.”

Roc Nation, there signed Megan as an admin client at the end of 2019, also marked the unfavorable terms of the agreement, which gives 1501 a share of 60 percent of the profits. “They said, ‘Do you know this is in your contract?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, damn, that’s crazy — no, I didn’t know that,'” Megan said at the time.

A number of other lawsuits have since been filed, with Megan claiming she fulfilled her contract with last year’s release Something for you Hotties and this year’s Traumazine. In a counter-case earlier this year, 1501 argued that the former does not legally qualify as an albumcalling it a “bullshit ass mix tape.”

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In August, Megan Thee Stallion upped the ante by amending her original lawsuit and demanding $1 million in unpaid royaltieswhile accusing 1501 of leaking Traumazine. Similarly, 1501 believe the rapper owes them “many millions” from revenue streams, live shows and merchandise.

Most recently was the Tina Show issued a temporary restraining order against the record company after presenting evidence that they tried to prevent her from licensing her music in the run-up to American Music Awards 2022, which was held in Los Angeles last weekend. The case is likely to continue into 2023.

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