Meek Mill blasts Thanksgiving as ‘fake’ holiday

Meek Molle has shared some thoughts on Thanksgiving, claiming it’s a “fake” holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated.

As families get ready to enjoy some turkey on Thursday (November 24), Philly rhymes, who fielded questions on Twitter about his new Flamerz 5 mixtape, said he will reluctantly participate in the national holiday this year.

“Thanksgiving fake… The Pilgrims killed the Indians, I still remember them, books from school, horrible I made Indian friends,” Meek Mill tweeted.

He ended his tweet by adding, “My family is relatable!”

Although the Dreamchasers leader doesn’t seem to be a fan of the holiday, he has celebrated Thanksgiving several times before. In 2013 he was especially a host his first “Dreamchasers Thanksgiving,” where he gave away free turkeys to 600 families in his hometown of Philadelphia.

“Philly raised me and made me the man I am today, so doing the first annual ‘A Dreamchaser’s Thanksgiving’ was an obvious thing to do,” Meek Mill said in a statement at the time. “I’m blessed to be in a position where I can make sure as many people as possible have a meal on Thanksgiving so they can be with their loved ones to enjoy the holiday.”

The Dreamchasers event became an annual affair and Meek committed to it even behind bars for his parole in 2017.

“I applaud Meek Mill for taking the initiative to give back to his hometown,” Philadelphia Mayor Nutter added in a statement at the time. “Gathering with family and friends around a shared meal is one of the most important aspects of the holiday season.

“It’s important to give thanks for all that we have, and I’m proud that one of Philadelphia’s own is donating his time and resources to ensure that families in our city can do just that.”

Meek Mill delivered his Flamerz 5 mixtape on Monday (Nov. 21), where he rapped some of this year’s signature beats, including GloRilla’s “Tomorrow,” DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID,” and Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U).”

Meek Mill Reveals Drake ‘Going Bad’ Collaboration Made Over $20M – but has no idea how much he pocketed

In a series of tweets before the release, Meek said explained his reasoning for keeping F5 from streaming sites – and noted label interference in his money as the main reason.

“When a label gave me a plaque I thought they were trying to trick me lol … show me the economy that my art made … that other shit a mental trick,” he explained. “Give me a plaque with how much my song brought in and how much I got paid… I recoil from that whole system, it’s not for us!

“I will not FLAMERZ 5 on no streaming service…. This strictly underground music … billboard can’t rate it,” he continued. “Just rate the music….I’ll bet you a million I can get the US/world to play it with an upload button..been doing it since MySpace lol”

He added that the project was recorded in just 10 days and that his new album will arrive at the top of 2023.

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