Meek Mill Says He Almost Wrestled Pro Boxer At Gervonta Davis Fight

Meek Molle has apologized for interrupting the fight between Gervonta Davis and Hector Luis Garcia with his own scuffle against another professional boxer.

Davis and Garcia’s WBC featherweight title fight was briefly halted midway through the eighth round on Saturday night (Jan. 7) due to a crowd commotion that had both fighters and crowd momentarily distracted.

In a clip of the fight broadcast on Showtime that has surfaced online, Meek Mill was seen engaged in an argument with boxer Garry Russell Jr. and his team before both parties were escorted out of the Capital One Arena just outside DC. The rapper later took to Twitter to explain why he missed the end of the match.

“Congratulations tankkk!!!,” he wrote, referring to Gervonta Davis’ nickname. “I almost fought a boxer and told him this fight won’t go 12 rounds, I missed the big bomb!!!!”

While still only offering a few details, Meek added that he had walked away from what he felt was a staged scenario by Russell, who he never mentioned by name. “I would never let some petty crap escalate to let someone’s movie run,” he tweeted moments later. “I just walked away.. I came to support tank and boots!!!!!! Great wins [star emojis]”

Gary Russell Jr.’s brothers Antonio Russell and Gary Antuannae Russell – who are both also fighters – were also involved in the dispute, which apparently revolved around Meek’s support of Davis while in the fight to support his opponent, PennLive reports. The Dream Chasers boss later returned to Twitter to provide more clarity on what happened, along with his apology for causing a scene.

“I was nice to everyone at that fight, if you were there, you saw!” wrote Meek Mill. “The disappeared blogs set up the aggressive part after I responded to something aggressive… everyone in that section saw my level of respect for others… I just need to step up my response game!

He continued: “I have no business going back and forth this hard with a random person and we’re just talking about sports…so I apologize for wasting time for nothing! I had a few shots and I know how to dodge them! Congratulations Tank and Boots!!!”

It’s not the first time in recent days that Meek Mill has narrowly avoided a public brawl. The rapper took to Instagram on Dec. 30 to share footage of him leaving the Afro Nation festival after his main performance on day one. It shows Meek making his way through an energetic crowd of people just as he is approached by a fan, causing Meek to walk away with an annoyed look on his face.

The Philly native couldn’t be upset for too long as he received a lot of love from the local Ghanaians who came to see him perform. Meek showed the love from fans in the next piece of footage on his IG.

“They cheated on me tf uppppppp but love overcame it…almost went from dreams to nightmares fast lol,” Meek captioned his post.

Another incident that night saw expensive pain artist robbed of his phone by an alleged pickpocket. It wasn’t long before the phone was found and returned to the Philly rapper. Hours after the incident, The Ghanaian police hand delivered Meek his phone and revealed it they had arrested a suspect named Nuhu Sule.

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However, Meek Mill later admitted that his phone might not have been stolen and instead it might have fallen out of his pocket while he was out riding his dirt bike.

“I could drop that phone on a motorcycle. I don’t actually know that someone went in my pocket!” he tweeted Friday night.

Perhaps a little guilty, he let it be known that he didn’t want anyone to be charged with the theft, especially given that he wasn’t really sure if the phone was ripped from his pocket.

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