MC Lyte maintains music catalog as divorce settlement honors Prenup

MC Lyte‘s divorce from John Wyche has officially ended, and the rapper will keep his music catalog thanks to a prenup.

Monday (January 16) The explosion got hold of the official divorce papers. Along with her catalog and “other creative property, including royalties related to her creative works,” Lyte will keep everything she entered into the marriage with.

“MC Lyte keeps her clothing, jewelry, watches and personal effects in her possession, custody or control, and earnings and accumulations before the date of the marriage, during the marriage and after the separation, her Subaru, financial accounts in her name, all furniture, furnishings and other personal property in her possession, custody or control,” the documents state. “She also gets to keep her life insurance policy.”

Each party also waives their right to spousal support.

Lyte married Wyche, a Marine Corps Veteran and entrepreneur, in August 2017. The couple split five months later in January 2018, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

“Irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties, which has led to an irreparable breakdown of the marriage, making it impossible for the parties to live together as husband and wife,” states the doctor.

The two met in early 2016 on when Lyte messaged Wyche.

“A few months after getting to know Lana, I knew I wanted this woman to be my wife,” Wyche shared Essence at their wedding – which Essence said was “intimate and soulful.”

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Aside from a pending divorce, MC Lyte has been busy with other endeavors. The multi-hyphenate has been back in front of the camera for a sitcom called Partners In Rhymewhich just finished its second season in October.

Executive produced by Bentley Kyle White and MC Lyte, the original ALLBLK series tackles the generation gap between those who grew up during Hip Hop’s golden age and those who have only been familiar with its current incarnation.

While Lyte plays a version of himself, it’s not entirely autobiographical.

“The light-hearted, half-hour long sitcom follows the life of rap pioneer Lana Crawford [MC Lyte]. When Lana finds herself dropped as an artist from her record label and deeply in debt, the OG rap star is offered to manage her niece Lucious T [Precious Way from ABC’s Queens]an upcoming Instagram rapper.”

A third season has not yet been confirmed.

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