Mark Hoppus Teaches Beauty School Dropout Rock Star Ropes in ‘Almost Famous’ Video: Exclusive

Mark Hoppus is a super hands-on boss. That might explain why Blink 182 bassist/singer co-stars in the video for up-and-coming pop punk band Beauty School Dropouts’ single, “Almost Famous,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (August 31).


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See the latest videos, charts and news

The earworm song appears on their debut album, We made plans and God laughed, which was released earlier this month on the new Verswire label, whose founders include Hoppus and strategic advisor/Fall Out Boy bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz. The video is a playful take on life as a baby band, with Hoppus playing the role of perpetually annoyed industry veteran trying to teach the guys how things really work.

It opens with Mark telling a group of jerky guys to retreat to the crew entrance as they park in front of the video shoot location. “Are you the band?” he says looking at his watch. “You’re five minutes late!” he adds before asking an assistant to get them out of the “sh-y” clothes their mothers dressed them in.

What follows is a hard lesson in doing so, with Hoppus overseeing a glam makeover as singer Cole Hutzler laments, “Everybody wanna chase the dream / But they don’t even know what it means.” Frustrated, Hoppus wishes they would just “shut their damn mouths. Let me do my job. The job that God gifted me to do. The eye, the brain, the hand. And I’m giving these guys the video of their lives.”

Hopscotch joined the group on stage two weeks ago to perform “Almost Famous” for his first live performance since Jan. 2020 after his battle with stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. He also helped A&R BSD’s albums and developed them for his new label.

“I’m so excited about the new Beauty School Dropouts release,” he said in a statement about the single, which he co-wrote with in-demand writer/producer Andrew Goldstein. “As their label A&R, I’m always in awe of how hard these guys work, their talent and uncompromising creativity, and their dedication to their fans. As a fan myself, I’m honored to be on the field and I can’t wait for everyone others hear it.”

Eventually, the guys tire of Hoppus’ meddling and ditch the suits he dresses them in and truly live out their debauched rock star dreams… with a little help from one of their moms, of course.

Watch the “Almost Famous” video below.

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