The man who inspired the Marshall Tucker Band’s name has died aged 99

Marshall Tucker, the man who inspired Marshall Tucker Band‘s name, has died at the age of 99. The Southern rockers paid tribute to the individual in a post on their social media.

Tucker wasn’t actually a member of The Marshall Tucker Band, but he was a big part of their legacy as they were named after him. He was a blind pianist from Columbia, SC, about 94 miles from the band’s hometown of Spartanburg, SC

After the band had already formed, they rehearsed in a warehouse in Columbia, and the key to the room had a tag with Tucker’s name on it. Frontman Doug Gray said so Decades of television networks that their promoter had pushed them to come up with a name, so they went with The Marshall Tucker Band, but only intended to use the name temporarily. However, it stuck – and once they got to know Tucker, he became a friend and fan of the group.

Tucker had a successful career as a business owner of a piano tuning company. According to an interview, he got into the piano at age 11 after hearing someone play, then discovered he had perfect pitch, meaning he could identify a musical note by ear. He later learned how to fix pianos by touch.

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Tucker died at the age of 99 on Jan. 20, and The Marshall Tucker Band paid their respects on social media the following day.

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of someone very special to our hearts, for very obvious reasons. Our band’s namesake, Mr. Marshall Tucker, passed away peacefully yesterday morning at the age of 99,” the band wrote on Facebook.

“Although he was never a member of our band, we would not be here today without his historic name,” the post continued. “Marshall was blind since birth but amazingly could play the piano. He always said his talent was simply God given. He tuned pianos in South Carolina for decades. We are thankful for Mr. Marshall Tucker and the life he lived !”

Our condolences go out to Tucker’s loved ones. Rest in peace.

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