Macklemore Pays Tribute to ‘Heroes’ DJ Quik & NWA on New Preemo Collab

Macklemore has released the music video for his new single “Heroes” featuring the legendary DJ Premierwhich honors some of his idols, such as DJ Quik and NWA Check it out below.

The Macklemore and Jake Magraw-directed video was released on Friday (January 20) and finds the Seattle-bred rapper taking viewers on a ride through New York City. Various scenes show Macklemore on graffiti-covered rooftops rapping in front of a bodega about his heroes.

Seven, I heard NWA on the street / From my older neighbor playing ‘Fuck tha Police’ / Eleven, writing graffiti, fifteen, I’m selling weed / At sixteen, I had an MPC / (It was Hip Hop’s fault) That I wanted to be adult” Macklemore raps.

DJ Premier appears throughout the video alongside Macklemore, and while some may think he produced the record, he didn’t. The producer is actually one of Macklemore’s longtime collaborators named Joshua “Budo” Karp. In a trailer promoting the record, DJ Premier explained why he wanted to be part of the recordthat suggests Macklemore’s authenticity to the culture.

“Because it sounded hip-hop, and then your lyrics, like I said, were relatable because we were doing all this stuff,” Preemo said. “We got fucked, we hung out, you know drinking the forties you all the things that made you still want to be part of the club.”

He continued, “Like I said, from the time you came out and did your shit, all the way to getting a name that went mainstream… you still held onto your integrity as an artist. You know, just that recognition , you’re also in it for the love of the culture, and it shows.”

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“Heroes” serves as the lead single from Macklemore’s upcoming album LEG, which is slated to arrive on March 3. According a tweet from Macklemorethe album features DJ Premier and NLE Choppa, with more names to be revealed soon. It will act as a follow-up to his last album twin which fell in 2017.

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