Lynyrd Skynyrd Will ‘Go On Tour’ In ‘The Next Year Or So’, Says Johnny Van Zant

Iconic Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd will apparently retire from touring in “the next year or so,” according to the band’s frontman Johnny Van Zant.

Although Skynyrd’s latest album Last of a Dyin’ Race released in 2012, they’ve been touring tirelessly for more than three decades now, performing at least a small handful of shows every year since 1987 [via]which is also the year Van Zant assumed the role of lead singer.

“We’re still thinking about hanging it up for the next year or so,” the singer shared Florida-Times Union. “We will withdraw from touring.”

Aside from the band’s rigorous touring schedule, Gary Rossingtonwho is the only founding member left in the group, has had several heart procedures over the past few years, including a emergency operation in July 2021. In a statement, Lynyrd Skynyrd revealed that the Rossington family begged them to continue touring, albeit without the guitarist, but he has played some shows with them since recovering.

Van Zant assured that Rossington has been doing better, mainly thanks to his medication, but that they are not pushing him to play the full two-hour shows they usually do so he doesn’t get tired.

“Musicians never retire, you just do less shows. You really miss it. You miss your fans. I’ll probably always do something,” the frontman continued. “I think I could only cut so much grass and take out so much trash and catch so many fish… I’ve worked my whole life. It’s just in my nature to get out there and do something. I love music and I’ve been blessed, but I can’t think of turning my back. As long as I can write a song, I definitely will.”

After a fatal plane crash the band endured in 1977 – which killed several members, including the original vocalist Ronnie Van Zant – they reformed in 1987 with his younger brother, Johnny Van Zant, behind the microphone. The rockers have released nine studio albums since then.

Their next scheduled performance is set to take place in September. 9 in Lafayette, La. See all the dates mentioned on their website.

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