Lyfe Jennings is considering stopping live shows after criticism

Lyfe Jennings has announced he is considering retiring from live performances after having his confidence shaken by recent online comments.

The R&B singer shared the news with his fans on Friday (December 30) via an Instagram Story post, which he later reposted to his main feed. In it, he revealed that he had just taken the stage for the first time since a clip of one of his previous performances went viral two weeks ago.

A fan shared video clips from a performance by the singer on December 17, making it clear that he didn’t have the experience he expected. The clip of the performance was shared by several gossip blogs, leading to widespread criticism of Lyfe’s vocal abilities.

“Just did my first show since all that crap and was seriously considering not doing any more shows [sic],” he wrote. “I have too much on my mind right now. Every time [sic] I see a phone pointed at me, I’m just thrown.. feel like I don’t love this anymore [sic].”

Although he didn’t include a caption with the post, Lyfe Jennings shared an additional message by accompanying the post with a snippet of his song “Till You Gone,” which hears him sing, “They never gonna love you till you’re gone/ So don’t waste your time please try no n-gga,” with the last word of the line cut off.

Supporters, including Bobby V, took to the post’s comments to offer words of encouragement. “Noooo brodieee! You one of the best 2 do it! Keep going!!,” he wrote.

Others took the tough love approach. “What is wrong with you.???” wrote a fan. “You’re letting this new generation scare you?!?! What would you say to your kids if they wanted to quit because people told them they can’t do something they know they can. If you don’t lift your head.. .

“Your footprint is already marked here in the music world, so get your head out and don’t let the keyboard fingers punk you,” the fan continued. “Give a quick call to Ginuwine he capitalized on the laughs and jokes and like some said look at the increase in impressions and followers you got from it. Now incorporate that and make it part of your show too??”

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The criticism that followed Lyfe Jennings’ last performance wasn’t limited to fans and strangers online.

Once the clip came to Instagram via The neighbor conversation, he jumped into the comment section of the IG post to defend himself. “Better put some respect in my lap,” he wrote. “I’m a total legend out here Pronto. 80 shows this year alone, 80% of them sold out. Check out my new video ’till you gone’ it will explain this gaslighting with a cheap gas ass blog.”

Lyfe Jennings eventually spotted a comment by Mario, who had responded to the footage with a facepalm emoji, prompting the “Must Be Nice” singer to respond. “That’s why I fuck the rappers,” Lyfe replied. “R and b n-ggas be false AF. So much I could say, but my numbers speak for themselves and so does my representative.”

The singer then took the conversation to his own IG account and shared a clip of the film Paid in full. “Saw Lyfe a meme now?!!,” he captioned the video. “Fuck all yaw Christmas canceled!!!! ‘Till you gone’ video on YouTube and streaming everywhere.”

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