Lupe Fiasco and Chris Webby clash over COVID vaccine

Lupe Fiasco and Chris Webby clashed over their opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine in a heated debate this week.

The two rappers went back and forth on Twitter on Wednesday (Jan. 11) after Lupe argued his pro-vaccine stance and ultimately declared that he would stop debating conspiracy theories with people who have less than 200,000 followers.

“I no longer respond to people about vaccines, bills, ‘THEM’, conspiracy theories, or the government with people with less than 200,000 followers,” Lupe wrote.

Chris Webby replied: “Sore losers to boot, eh? And deleting your tweets after previously mocking others for deleting theirs because you, and I quote, ‘ruined their point’.. To imagine you used to be this guy.”

Webby included one Genius screenshot about his 2011 song “Words I Never Said” criticizing the US government and challenging the status quo.

Lupe Fiasco responded to Chris Webby by asking him to have a proper conversation on the subject, which he obliged.

“Woke up to this victory lap…we can REALLY debate my guy…IG live, Twitter spots anything, anytime,” he said. “you under my follow to answer limit, but I will make an exception. Just give me the floor.”

Webby replied: “Gladly. I think we both know I’d get booted from IG for my views on this, so Twitter Spaces is fine. Never used it before. Let me know, I’m all for it , whenever you are. I’ve never been one to reject thoughtful dialogue.”

The pair agreed for a time and later locked horns over the vaccine at the Clubhouse, although Webby claimed his opinions would not be allowed to air on certain platforms.

“The reason is that my views do not fit into the New World Order narrative and would henceforth get me removed from said platform,” he wrote. “I think it would make for a better conversation if you excluded any pettiness on either side, but play it as you will, sir. And yes, cool.”

In December 2020, Lupe Fiasco urged fans to get the COVID-19 vaccinestating that people had to be vaccinated to attend his shows.

“Let’s get it!!!!” he wrote at the time. “You must be vaccinated to come to my concerts.”

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Days earlier, Lupe responded to those who disagreed with his stance on the vaccine.

“I’m waiting for you all alternatives,” he said. “I really am. Every time I faithfully study this ‘medical black awakening’ it ends up being a bunch of bullshit promoted by people who sell seaweed shakes and possess the scientific depth of a bag of flamin hots. Some of us actually went to school.”

Listen to Lupe Fiasco and Chris Webby’s clubhouse debate below.

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