Louis Tomlinson hugs his biggest fan on ‘Late Late Show’, recalls horrifying One Direction Hotel prank

Louis Tomlinson has the most dedicated fans. James Corden proved it to him on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night (September 13) when he presented the former A direction star with a series of photos featuring some of the creative signs at concerts on Tomlinson’s recently concluded world tour.



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“Delayed surgery for this,” one read. “Do not!” Tomlinson laughed. Others read: “If you want another dog, I can bark” and “You’re like my tea: warm and British.” Louis said the signs definitely make him laugh sometimes, but they’re also so distracting that if he tries to read them while singing, he often forgets his lyrics.

The best sign, though, was from a fan who got the double-fisted one, with one reading: “I have Faith in the future that I’ll meet you today!” along with a “To do list” that just read “Meet Louis Tomlinson” three times. The young woman, Jessica, began waiting in line hours before the show’s taping, and when Corden asked , if Tomlinson could help her cross things off her list, he happily obliged, running into the crowd to give her a huge hug.

Louis also answered the most pressing question: how does he stay entertained on the road? The singer described a favorite pastime that began in his 1D days and has carried through to the present. Basically, it involves torturing any member of his entourage who goes to bed a little too early after a night of drinking. “I get a master key at the hotel that lets me into every single room,” he explained, recalling a time a few weeks ago when one of his managers reported before 11 a.m.

“Didn’t do anything bad, just screamed in his face, saw him cringe a bit and ran out,” Tomlinson explained. “Just silly pranks you get up to on tour.” However, Corden noted that “this is actually how they torture people.” Without skipping a beat, Tomlinson fondly recalled that in the 1D days they once grabbed an ice bucket of water and threw it at a sleeping security guard, and then the clueless body man looked shocked out of his slumber after sipping the water and thought he drowned.

“NONE!!!” Corden shouted when Tomlinson said it was “the best” night. “It’s actual torture,” Corden and fellow guest Adrien Brody agreed. “What you describe as big high jinks is really trauma-building for these people,” James said.

Tomlinson stuck around to play the balladBigger than me” from his upcoming album Faith in the future. “It was challenging coming out of a band the size of One Direction and then finding your feet musically,” he said of his 2020 debut solo album, Walls. And while he’s “immensely” proud of that album, the singer described the trial and error process you go through at the start of your career as a way of saying that Believe more clearly defines him as an artist. “It makes me really proud, definitely,” he said.

As for the toughest question Corden had asked his old friend — one he said he gets pretty much every time he goes on social media — that is. will he kidnap Tomlinson and the former members of 1D? “It makes me uncomfortable,” Corden admitted when Tomlinson wondered why anyone would want that.

“I could kidnap you and put you in a room and make you perform together one more time,” Corden surmised of the strange requests. “Are you open to being kidnapped?” he wondered. “It’s definitely a question I’ve never been asked before,” Tomlinson said with a pleasantly worried look. “By the right person,” he concluded before asking what the exact process would be, then laughed when James said it would probably involve a master key of some sort.

Watch Tomlinson chat about her hotel-high jinks and perform “Bigger Than Me” below.


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