Morat on ‘No Se Va’ Going Viral, Pedro Almodovar’s Passionate Speech and More Los40 Music Awards Highlights

With riveting performances by artists such as Rosalía, Maria Becerra, Manuel Turizo, Lola Índigo, Marc Seguí, Tiago PZK and many more, the Los40 Music Awards was the place to be on a cold Friday night in Madrid.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

The 2022 edition of the award ceremony took place in November. 4 at the WiZink Center near the city center. While performances were among the highlights of the show, there were also red carpet interviews and a speech by legend Pedro Almodóvar that are worth getting into the best moments of the night.

Below are highlights from this year’s Los40 Music Awards.

Morat on “No Se Va” goes viral

The Colombian band’s 2019 single “No Se Va” is currently have a moment — courtesy of a cover by new regional Mexican ensemble Grupo Frontera. Their norteño rendition of their norteño track “No Se Va” became only the fifth regional Mexican song in the Hot 100 history, reaching a high of No. 57 after entering the all-genre songs chart in early October. About Frontera, who breathed fresh air into their single, Morat told Billboard this on the red carpet: “When we heard about it, it wasn’t that surprising. It’s happened to us with a lot of our songs. We’re happy with them and we’re happy with the song. It’s great that the song is transcending.”

Rosalía fangirls over a soccer player

When Rosalía picked up her award for Best Album for Motomami in the Spain category, she expressed her admiration for Alexia Putellas, who plays for Barcelona’s women’s team football team and won a Balón de Oro this year. “Wow that’s crazy,” she said as she giggled her way to the stage. “I’m such a huge fan of Alexia and I had no idea she’d be the one to present this award to me. I’m a huge fan!”

Ricky Montaner on “Llorar, Llorar” is a gift that keeps on giving

“It’s one of my favorite songs that we’ve done in our entire career,” said Ricky of the duo Mau Y Ricky about their collaboration with Carin Leon. “It’s a song that has brought us joy and has grown organically over time. We released it a few months ago and recently we’ve seen it climb the charts. It’s a blessing and I’m so proud of the.” The singer-songwriter also said that he and his brother wrote the song while living in Mexico when they were taping the show La Voz México. “I needed a Mexican singer to give it a stamp from someone from Mexico and we had so much chemistry with Carin. I love him and I am so grateful.” Ricky also teased that the duo’s next album will be released next year.

Tiago PZK takes a moment to reflect

The Argentine’s debut album, Portales, was a game-changer for him. “I learned so much about myself and what it’s like to have a clearer vision. It gave me identity,” he said Billboard. “I learned to work under pressure. Now that I’ve released my first album, I have to start thinking about the next album. There’s no break in between.”

Pedro Almodóvar encourages fans to watch movies … in a theater

Legendary film director, screenwriter and producer, Pedro Almodóvar, took the stage at Los40 to receive one of the Golden Music Awards that night. During his speech, he asked fans to watch movies in theaters. “I know you don’t go to the movies often,” he said confidently. “I’m not sure if you all know that movie theaters are going through a huge crisis. My advice to you is to go back and experience what it’s like to watch a movie on a screen much bigger than the one in your home . If you haven’t experienced it yet, it will change your life. It’s hypnotic. And for that hypnosis to happen, you have to be small and surrounded by strangers in a dark place.

Sebastián Yatra danced the night away

If anyone had the most fun on Friday, it was Sebastián Yatra. The Colombian star danced the night away as he cheered on his colleagues who took the stage, such as María Becerra and Manuel Carrasco. He was the ultimate fan who also took the stage to accept the award for Best Album (Dharma) in the Global Latin category.

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