Logic Scraps Album full of unreleased J Dilla Beats

Logic has decided to scrap a finished album that featured him exclusively rapping over unreleased J Dilla production.

During a recent YouTube live stream that circulated on Tuesday (Jan. 3), Logic explained that his decision was purely personal and had nothing to do with endorsement issues.

“I did a whole J Dilla album, but that’s another story for another time,” Logic said. “And it wasn’t anything about the estate… everything was fine, it’s just… I was like, ‘I’m straight.'” Like, I recorded this whole J Dilla album with all the unreleased beats and shit, and I was like : “I’m alright.”

Instead, the Maryland native would rather see production fall into the hands of Fat JamesWHO announced his own project last year over the late producer’s unreleased beats. “I’d rather see Boldy do it. He’s gonna fucking kill it,” Logic added. “The fact that I could even rap on it was really good. And who knows, maybe it will see the light of day. But we’ll see.”

Boldy James first announced his Dilla project in an interview in 2020 with HipHopDXthen elaborated further during an interview with Phoenix’s Trill store in June.

“I actually have an announcement to make,” he said. “You’re talking about they don’t even know what’s going on, you don’t even know what’s going on. I have a fully produced J Dilla project that I’m about to drop. I wanted to tell you the name of it but i had to tell you i got the last of the dilla stash.

“A lot of people owe their success, you know, they don’t owe their success, but he threw a lot of people’s success,” Boldy continued. The list goes on, I’m not going to start naming names, but if you don’t know who this guy is, make up your story. J Dilla, Detroit, stand up.”

The Detroit-based rapper was previously featured on J Dilla’s posthumous album Rebirth of Detroit in 2012 and appeared on the “Detroit Game” alongside The Cool Kids’ Chuck English.

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Meanwhile, Logic is busy with other collaborations – which potentially includes actor Rainn Wilsonwho is best known for playing Dwight Schrute on The office.

“My man is making beats right now and he’s really snapping,” Logic said in a New Year’s Day video showing Wilson tapping an MPC in the rapper’s home studio.

While it’s unclear if anything will come of their session, Logic recently confirmed a collaborative project with producer Madlib.

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