Lizzo Wants ‘All the JoJos’ to Take on ‘2 Be Loved’ After JoJo Siwa and JoJo’s Effort on TikTok

Looks like a couple of JoJos are ready for “2 Be Loved” and Lizzo isn’t complaining. Saturday (Sept. 10) Lizzo was delighted when she found that both Dancing mothers alumnus JoJo Siwa and singer Yes Yes shared covers of herself dancing and singing to “2 Be Loved” on TikTok.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

The TikTok video features two short clips of Siwa dancing to Lizzo’s poppy number in her respective dance cover video. In JoJo’s clip, the singer delivers a fantastic vocal rendition of the track with the help of backup singers. Lizzo then jumps into the frame gushing over the attention “2 Be Loved” has gotten on the app.

“Not both JoJos doing ‘2 Be Loved’ on the same day. JoJo Siwa. JoJo JoJo. Now I need all the JoJos to make ‘2 Be Loved’ — Joe Jonas, K-Ci & JoJo, JoJo the Dolphin, Mojo Jojo. B—h!” the singer exclaimed in the video.

Just before Lizzo hysterically commented that all the JoJos in the entertainment industry should jump to “2 Be Loved,” Lizzo did a duet to Siwa’s video, busting out the dance moves to the tune of Dancing with the stars season 30 participant. Siwa’s caption read: “Idk how to explain it…but this is the happiest dance ever.” Lizzo responded in her own video’s caption, writing: “It’s true, it’s the happiest dance ever… I was there, I was the dance.”

“2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” was released in July as the second single from Lizzo’s second studio album, Particular. The track has so far peaked at No. 84 on Billboard Hot 100, where it has spent three weeks. The singer also performed the track at the 2022 MTV VMAs in August.

Check out Lizzo’s TikTok videos below.

@lizzoCALL EVERYONE JO JOS!!!♬ 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo
@lizzo #duet with @itsjojosiwa ♬ 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo

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