LISTEN: Fancy Hagood Drops Summer Single “Blue Dream Baby” with Kacey Musgraves

by Tiffany Goldstein

1 hour ago

Country-pop singer Fancy Hagood transports fans to an alternate universe with Kacey Musgraves in their newly released single (June 28), “Blue Dream Baby“In honor of Pride Month, the queer musician and LGBTQ + ally released a music video out of this world featuring” gayliens “and Musgraves’ alter ego” Spacey Kacey. ”

Through the seventies-inspired clip – Hagood discusses whether he dreams or not while taking up space with beautiful martians. Before breaking into the chorus, the Nashville-based artist is shocked to see Musgraves on the UFO. The two show their soothing vocals at a groovy disco.

“My blue dream baby, drives me crazy | Got my mood ring to switch indigo to navy | As if I’m out of my body, as if there is no one on the dance floor, ”they sing to a noisy crowd of animated aliens. “And I know what I know, and I feel what I feel | And I just need to know if the feeling is real | Or just a blue dream baby.”

Although Hagood and the GRAMMY award-winning singer are good friends, the trippy number serves as their first collaboration. The artist best known for his hit from 2015 “Goodbye“Wrote the single with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and critically acclaimed songwriter Alysa Vanderheym.

“I want to thank @spaceykacey for being the sexiest cartoon I’ve ever seen and for throwing it down the aisle! It’s a dream come true when you get to bring magic into the world. but getting to do it with one of your besties is just the next level of special I could stay high on! ” wrote the fast-growing artist on Instagram.

Hagood went on to point out Musgraves’ ongoing contribution to the LGBTQ + community and how she played a role in making the country music field more inclusive.

“Kacey is such a pioneer and has created so much space in this city [Nashville] for queer expression and art. I have felt the effects of the change she has helped to create, not only in my career, but also in my personal life. Kacey made me feel seen long before we were friends, and I am so honored to share a number with such a legend, ”he added.

Brooke Eden,, Caylee Hammack,, Tenille Townes are some of the notable names in Nashville who have already praised the danceable melody.

“SO PROUD OF YOU❤️❤️,” screamed breakout star Lindsay Ell. “Amazing. Love it❤️,” sucked Leslie Jordan.

Hagood said the collaboration did not come out of the left field as he often rejects ideas from Musgraves.

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“Kacey and I share things we have written from time to time with each other,” he shared in a statement at the release. “But it was actually her boyfriend who heard ‘Blue Dream Baby’ first. He told her about it and later that night she and I wrote a text message asking her to hear it. To my absolute amazement she was super to it and the rest is history.I’m still struggling to get a song released in the world with someone who’s not only one of my favorite artists but also one of my closest friends. more special than this. ”

Blue Dream Baby“Is set to perform on his upcoming album, which follows his successful 2021 collection,”Southern curiosity. “Mouse pits will appear at Adeles much awaited London show on 1-2. July as the opening act.

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