Lindsey Buckingham is working on a new album

Lindsey Buckingham revealed that he had begun work on a new album during a year that had challenged him in terms of health and grief.

In a social media post the former Fleetwood Mac The guitarist thanked his fans for their support over the past 12 months and said he was looking forward to the future with a positive attitude.

He had been forced to do so cancel part of an October 2022 tour, citing “ongoing health issues.” He had dealt with one heart attack in 2019 and later had to drive off the road after testing positive for COVID. In November he said death of former bandmate Christine McVie had been “deeply heartbreaking”, describes her as “a musical companion, a friend, a soul mate, a sister.”

But he continued: “This year’s polarity of positives and negatives has only strengthened my resolve to stay in the moment and keep moving forward. Fortunately, my health has returned and I’ve started work on a new album. Thank you very much to everyone for your support. I look forward to 2023 and beyond!”

His most recent release was his self-titled solo album in 2019, which he said he had wanted to launch on a number of occasions before that, but “unforeseen circumstances” — perhaps including his 2018 dismissal from Fleetwood Mac – had gotten in the way. He added: “I wanted to make a pop album, but I also wanted to make stops along the way with songs that are more like art than pop. As you get older, hopefully you keep getting a little more grounded in the craft that you do. For me, getting older probably helped to reinforce the innocence and idealism that hopefully was always there.”

Fleetwood Mac Solo Albums Classified

There have been more than 40 of these outside projects, which deepen and add to the band’s legacy.

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