Lily Meola lives her ‘daydream’ with tears – and wins the golden buzzer – ‘AGT’ audition

Golden buzzers are the things dreams are made of. Or daydreams, as is the case with Lily Meola.

The 27-year-old singer and songwriter performed an original song on America’s Got Talenta number that would draw tears from a stone.

“Daydreams” has evolved over the years, Meola explained at the top, a song written at a time when things were going well, where the path of a music industry lay ahead of her.

“Then my life turned upside down,” she said. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Meola became her full-time caregiver and lost her label appointment during the difficult time. Unfortunately, her mother did not make it, although Meola is grateful for the extra time she had.

“I’m just trying to make her proud and continue living my daydream,” she explained.

At that moment, everyone in the room was living her daydream. As the song culminated, the audience rose to their feet. Some wiped away the tears, i.a. AGT judges.



Watch latest videos, charts and news

Watch latest videos, charts and news

“I think your mother saw you tonight,” Sofia Vergara said.

“There’s something special about you,” Simon Cowell remarked, his voice swaying with emotion. “I’m sure those memories came back to you during that audition.”

Heidi Klum turned her own tears into a downpour of golden glitter as she stepped up and pumped the golden buzzer.

See below.

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