Lil Pump drops his new album in a lake: ‘Please Help Me!’

Lil Pump is set to release his new album in January, but it looks like his latest trip to a lake may mean he’ll have to make other plans.

On Wednesday (November 23), the Miami native took to Instagram Stories to plead with his fans to help him find the project titled Lil Pump 2 after losing the hard drive it’s on.

“Many, I lost my hard drive to LP2. I lost it in the middle of a lake,” Pump said in the clip. “I can’t find it. Can you help me find it? Please help me. Please!”

The project will serve as a follow-up to his 2017 self-titled studio debut, which entered the charts at No. 3 with first-week sales of 45,000 album-equivalent units. It was later certified gold by the RIAA. His more recent effort, December 2021 No name with producer Ronny J, however, did not do so well, failing to chart on the Billboard 200.

In an interview with Bootleg Kev last month, Pump discussed J. Cole’s prediction of the sort about the colorful rapper’s decline following the success of his “Gucci Gang” single. Pump doesn’t see a decline at all, pointing to the homes he owns as proof.

“No,” he said when Kev asked if he felt Cole was right. “Because I’m still here. I have two houses… I don’t think he predicted any shit.”

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Cole apparently came after Pump on his CODE album cut “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’)” in 2018, dismissing SoundCloud rappers as news who should follow his advice.

“Someday the kids listening will grow up/ And be too old for the shit that made you blow up/ Now your show looks bright because they don’t show up/ Which unfortunately means the money goes more slowly.” Cole raps on the track.

He ends with:Just remember what I told you when your shit flop/ In five years you’ll be on ‘Love & Hip-Hop,’ n-gga.“The couple has since solved their problems.

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