Lil Durk vows to stop “Speaking On The Dead” in his raps

Lil Durk has a sudden change of heart and vowed in a new interview that he will never talk about those who have passed away in any of his future rhymes.

During a recent conversation with Rolling stones, the Chicago native talked about wanting to change his ways now that he’s entering a new chapter of his career with so many more eyes on him. According to Lil Durk, he has dealt with so much pain and grief before turning 30 that he is over it and wants to spread a different message in his music that is usually fueled by gun violence and more.

“Even if you do 99 percent of the shit right, you still have 1 percent of the demons with you,” Durk told the publication. “You get angry quickly, and an answer can kill a billion dollars. That’s why I don’t say names anymore [in my music]. I no longer speak of the dead—none of that.”

Durkio explained that violence has already ravaged his life so much that he does not want the same to happen to his six children. He is more focused on earning generational wealth and providing a better life for his family.

“I don’t chase death anymore,” said Lil Durk. “I’m chasing a billion dollars. I want our kids to grow up safe, to have fun, to have a real life.”

The last two years have been especially hard for Durk. In November 2020, his protégé and Only The Family rapper King Von was shot and killed in front of the Monaco hookah lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. A year later, Durk’s brother D-Thang suffered a similar fate when he was gunned down in Chicago, Illinois.

Lil Durk’s attempted murder charge was dropped in the 2019 Atlanta shooting

King Von’s uncle Range Rover Hang indeed suggested that Lil Durk stop mentioning dead people in his music shortly after his brother died because it actually causes more violence when it triggers the trauma of a particular loss.

“Durk constantly says these n-ggas names in songs like you don’t have to bro,” he said. “That’s what got his brother shot. I won’t say killed because I don’t know if he died.

“I fuck his music. His movement. He makes money. I don’t hate. I love to see what he’s doing. Short $30, $40 million that I love to see because I’m from one block, he’s from the next block over. My dad used to hang out with Durk’s dad.”

Smurk may have already hinted at one of the first steps he’s taking to change his music recently. Last week, Chicago natives spotted having dinner with Mariah Carey and Shirin Amiriwife of fashion designer Mike Amiri.

Fans began speculating that the two might be planning a musical collaboration after the footage surfaced online. Others believed that Lil Durk and Mariah were on an actual date, which could make sense given the rumors that the rapper broke up with his longtime girlfriend, India Royale.

“Lil Durk and Mariah seen together… It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Lil Durk pulled Mariah Carey right before the holidays, very smart move.”

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