10 most legendary/iconic bootleg rock + metal albums

Every music fan loves a great one bootleg release, right?

Of course, officially issued studio and live LPs are amazingbut there’s something inherently cooler and more enlightening about hearing demos, alternate versions, gigs, and completely abandoned tracks that bands and/or labels didn’t originally release (or sanction).

This is doubly true when fans are able to transact and bond over these recordings, as such exchanges add to the mystique and sense of community surrounding our favorite music.
Whether or not every entry on this list ticks all of those boxes, the 10 albums discussed below certainly represent some of the most legendary and iconic rock and metal bootlegs of all time.

If anyone asks but you did not do hear about them from us!

10 most legendary/iconic bootleg rock + metal albums

You weren’t always meant to hear these.

Rock and metal bands that don’t have a bass player

These stripped down bands do just fine with just guitar, keyboards and drums.

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