Lars Ulrich Calls Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ ‘Stranger Things’ Surge a ‘Mindf**k’

Who would have thought that in 2022, Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” would be one of the hottest songs to come, some 36 years after its release? The song’s popularity is due to its inclusion in the recently concluded season of Netflix Stranger Thingsand even Lars Ulrich is surprised by the response it has received.

“It’s all such mindfuck,” Ulrich explained to the interviewer Walt of Chicago’s Rock 95.5. “It’s so hard to fathom. Obviously, we’ve been following it and that’s clear Stranger Things has been an incredible phenomenon for years. And the fact that it kind of came out of the blue just three months ago, six months ago – ‘Master of Puppets’ [in] the end of the season. [We said] ‘of course.’ We were delighted to participate.”

“We try to be very involved in letting our music be a part of these cultural things that are out there and just to connect with fans and get the music out there,” Lars explained. And true to that point, Metallica have done their fair share in helping the momentum of the song after that Stranger Things appearance continues.

First it was revealed that Robert Trujillo‘s son Tye Trujillo, shredded on the performance that was shown in the show. Metallica too shut down the gatekeepers who lamented the new Metallica fans who got off Stranger Things inclusion and even filmed their own TikTok duet, joining Eddie Munson’s “Hellfire Club.” Metallica also finally gave the song one animated lyric videoand most recently everything came full circle Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn hangs out with Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza and shred “Master of Puppets” with the band.

“The way this thing has taken off. And who would have thought it – what is it? 36 years… So this song is 36 years old and it’s now in the Top 40 in the UK. It’s an eight song minutes, and it makes a heck of a statement,” says Ulrich.

He continued,”[It shows you] the power of film, the power of television, the power of fair culture and obviously any opportunity you get to turn new kids or younger kids on to music that can be a gateway to discovering whatever it is – whether it’s harder rock or other things, whatever is on their radar is super cool. But this is just crazy. It’s a little hard to fully understand, but it’s amazing. So we’re very psyched.”

Since the pivotal Eddie Munson scene in the season finale, where the character shreds “Master of Puppets,” Metallica’s classic song has cracked Spotify’s Top 50Received over 17 million Spotify downloads (and counting) and entered the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the first time ever.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich talks to Walt from Rock 95.5

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