Kurt Cobain’s Healthiest Moments

During Kurt Cobains 27 years of life, he created plenty of memorable moments that continue to live today. Here is a collection of some of them Nirvana frontman’s healthiest moments.

In a rare and extremely well-preserved interview from 1990, a pre-famous Kurt Cobain offered some advice to other up-and-coming musicians. “Just keep practicing and don’t give up. Just never give up,” Cobain said. “Play as often as you can and be really dedicated and try to write good music and not worry about the material ethics that come with music. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter how your product looks, it matters how it sounds.”

Remember the feud between Nirvana and Pearl Jam? The bad blood between the acts was eventually settled behind the scenes, with Cobain and Eddie Vedder actually become friendly after a few phone calls. “I consider him someone I really like. I really like him, I think he’s a really nice person,” Cobain said in an interview. The Nirvana leader went on to sympathize with fans of the grunge movement who might have been forced to choose between Nirvana and Pearl Jam at the record store.

Have you ever seen the footage of Cobain meeting a young fan backstage in Reading? Cobain was extremely kind to the kid, who called Kurt his hero. After signing an autograph for the fan, Cobain, with a cigarette in his mouth, urged the child to never start smoking.

Check out these wholesome Kurt Cobain moments in the Loud List below.

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