Producer Ross Robinson reveals why Korn’s ‘Remember Who You Are’ backfired

Cereal manufacturer and well-known nu-metal helmets Ross Robinson “learned a big lesson” after making Korn’s 2010 album, Korn III: Remember who you areas he recently explained.

The veteran record producer suggested that the vision for the album – a creative attempt to go back to Korn’s beginnings – ultimately “backfired”.

He is not alone in that assessment. Korn lead vocalist Jonathan Davis has indicated that Corn III was the band’s biggest mistake. Earlier this year, elaborated the singer“We tried to reclaim something and it was way in the past and we failed miserably.”

Looking back at the sessions with the podcast Peer Pleasure this week (September 18), Robinson expressed regret over his treatment of Davis and the then-new Korn drummer Ray Luzier about the album’s aim to recapture the Californian alt-metal band’s origins.

“Poor Ray got mad that I wanted to wave the 1992 flag [era] before the record came out,” Robinson recalls. “It was confusing for everybody. Because I had a mission and I think it backfired. Because I pushed Jonathan too hard when it wasn’t a good time for me to do it.” (via PRP)

‘Korn III: Remember Who You Are’ album cover

‘Korn III’ (Roadrunner)

The producer continues: “I learned that whoever a person is at that moment in their life today — now — is the person who’s going to express something beautiful and incredible. … Not remember who you are – that’s bullshit. … Respect who you are today and radiate that expression.”

Robinson had returned to the board of Korn after producing their influential self-titled debut (1994) and its central follow-up, Life is Peachy (1996). In 2010, he and the band sought to recapture the spirit and energy of the early Korn records.

Says Robinson, “I think it was a mistake on my part, having this idea of ​​what I thought Korn should be. … The perfection and the love I had for everything with those guys—individually and musically, and the dedication I will always feel that a very important place in my heart is, I’m Ross from Korn. That’s my damn identity then.”

He adds: “I tried to relay it to Ray when he hadn’t drummed on an album yet. I’m like, ‘Korn is this, and Korn is that, and it means so much.'” And he’s this amazing, incredible talented, happy guy right from the start [drumming for] that David Lee Roth band. You know, like that [a] showbiz acting — into this thing that I wanted to bring back.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Robinson on this link. Below you can relive the music videos for Corn III the singles “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” and “Let the Guilt Go”.

Korn, “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” (Music Video)

Korn, “Let the Guilt Go” (Music Video)

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