Brian ‘Head’ Welch plays Korn songs for high school students

Cereal guitarist Brian “Head” Welchalso bandmaster of Love and Deathperformed for students at Mesa, Arizona’s Skyline High School this week as part of a speaking engagement there, which Metal hammer reported. Parts of Korn songs were played by the rocker. A social media user on TikTok captured parts of the performance.

Welch’s engagement, called “Scream 4 Me,” was arranged by the rock legend Alice Cooper‘s Solid Rock Teen Centers, a youth outreach organization. Cooper and Welch are both professing Christians, and Welch often speaks to young people about mental health, suicide prevention and the religious dimension of his life. Earlier this week, he visited Phoenix’s Grand Canyon University to deliver a message.

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Welch took the stage at Skyline High backed by guitarist JR Bareismember of Love and Death, and a group of local musicians, according to PRP. It is unclear if the other players were high school students or a collection of other pick-up musicians.

Korn’s latest studio album, Requiem, was released in February. It contains the singles Start the healing“and”Lost in the greatness.” Love and Death released the album Perfectly preserved in 2021.

On its official websiteCooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers says the foundation’s “goal is to provide a landing place for all teens. This local sanctuary is provided to support an exciting and creative journey for teens. Help build a Solid Rock for the next generation.”

Brian “Head” Welch performs for Arizona High School students – Sept. 20, 2022

Brian “Head” Welch speaking at Grand Canyon University – Sept. 19, 2022

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