Murderer Mike & Lyor Cohen among names on Young Thug’s RICO witness list

Killer Mike and longtime music director Lyor Cohen are among the prominent names on the potential witness list for Young Thug‘s YSL RICO trial.

According to WSBTVMichael Seiden, 28 people were publicly named on the witness list in addition to all co-defendants in the case and everyone named on the “State’s Witness List.”

Killer Mike (real name Michael Render) is an Atlanta native whose latest track “Run” features Young Thug. Lyor Cohen co-founded 300 Entertainment with Kevin Liles, who Thugga signed in 2014.

Liles is also among the potential witnesses. He has previously taken the stand to show his support for Young Thug earlier this year and called for song lyrics to be used against his signer in the courtroom.

Others who could potentially take the stand include Thug’s ex-girlfriend Jerrika KarlaeSony Music executive Kelechi Aharanwa and lawyers for Lil Duke (Ashleigh Merchant) and YSL co-founder Walter Murphy (Jacoby Hudson).

The high-profile trial is scheduled to begin on January 9. If convicted of murder charges, Young Thug could potentially face life in prison, according to DJ Vlad.

YFN Lucci will not be one of those standing up. The rapper’s lawyer, Drew Findling, confirmed last week that his client will not testify at the YSL case despite Thugger allegedly ordered a hit against him in prison, which resulted in his stabbing earlier this year.

Young thug urged by father to reject plea deal in RICO case if offered a

Legal documents revealed there was a bounty on Lucci’s head, and he asked the judge to sentence him to house arrest, but was denied.

Antonio “Obama” Sumlin, one of two men prosecutors believe was behind the stabbing, entered into a plea agreement last week. The 32-year-old was sentenced to 15 years of probation after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony and engaging in criminal street gang activity.

The number of YSL co-defendants who have entered into a plea agreement increased to eight on December 29, with the latest being Trontavious Stephens, who also goes by “Tick” and “Slug”. He will serve eight years of probation after pleading guilty to a single count of extortion.

Meanwhile, two defendants, Tenquarius “Nard” Mender and Derontae Bebee, bucked the trend by rejecting plea deals last week. They will now go to court with Young Thug, with Nard facing 50 years in prison and Bebee facing a life sentence.

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