The Internet Reacts to Kid Rock’s ‘Never Quit’ Video

Kid Rock‘s new music video for his song “Never Quit” features a gun-toting community armed to the teeth to fight… vandalism?

The video for the song from Bad reputation album released yesterday (September 13) alternates between Kid Rock and the story of an ordinary store/restaurant owner and the residents of a small town.

Black the shop owner opens up in the morning to find the place ransacked. As he sifts through the damage (shelves and broken glass, popcorn and loose cereal on the floor, along with broken pictures of men in the military) the scene cuts to the night before – a couple of kids dressed in black and ski masks tearing up the place, with no one in particular reason other than they’re stupid young punks. Either way, the text disappears and the town is galvanized to fight this new threat to the heartland: young punks with nothing better to do.

Word quickly spread through town. The local bar first gets going, the bartender goes to the janitor’s closet to grab her pump action shotgun (located next to the mop). Then the couple read in the living room with a gun on the end table with their keys and change on it, smashing their entire arsenal of assault rifles laid out on the kitchen cutting board. As more of the town is informed, including the obligatory guy on the tractor, we get a glimpse inside a workshop where a man and woman aren’t just collecting weapons, they’re making ammunition, some kind of long rifle or armor-piercing grenades.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock is still singing, wearing a Ted Nugent-approved camo vest and cowboy hat, and he’s got his own guns, too! He proudly turns back his vest to reveal a gold-plated pistol tucked into his belt. And then he has a modern black shotgun on his shoulder, aimed and ready.

Kid Rock is ready to f**k Sh*t Up in the “Never Quit” video

YouTube: Kid Rock

YouTube: Kid Rock

How all-out war on punk is avoided we’ll never know. The townspeople, despite being ready for a red dawn-type trespass, just show up outside the general store, ready to help clean up. Even the teenagers who are no good grab a broom and go to work. Fortunately, the shop owner refuses to make any accusations and sets them to work behind the grill. Twist ending! (Eat your heart out, The sixth Sense.)

Kid Rock “Never Quit”

As rock is one of the most polarizing figures in music, the video drew a mixed response online. One Twitter commenter offered: “Kid Rock has become a parody of himself, it’s actually funny,” while another suggested, “‘Never give up’ … but maybe it’s time you did.” And one Facebook responder offered: “If you’ve been reading the news for the last decade or so, you’re already well aware that we live in the absolute dumbest timeline possible. If you haven’t, you can catch up on just three minutes and 23 seconds via the new video for Kid Rock’s ‘Never Quit’.”

But there were also many who supported Rock and the statement they felt he made with the video.

One YouTube commenter offered: “That was a great music video! Healthy. We all make bad mistakes… well, mistakes isn’t always the right word. We’ve all been kids. I think we’ve all participated in one or other unacceptable behavior The kids here felt guilty, did the right thing, made amends and became friends. Heartwarming stuff here.” Another suggested: “That was a great message in this video. A community coming together for all the right reasons.” And yet another added: “I want to point out the absolutely amazing display of like-minded communities coming together when the bell rings. I’ve been saying for years that building a close group (militia) of close friends and family when SHTF is extremely important. I love how Kid Rock portrays it in this video. Let freedom call America.”

On Twitter, one commenter suggested: “Kid Rock is just telling it like it is, here’s his new video,” while another added: “If you get it, you get it.”

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