Kelsea Ballerini Addresses Rumors That She’s Dating ‘Outer Banks’ Star Chase Stokes … Sort of

Is Kelsea Ballerini and Outer Banks‘ Chase Stokes dating? Don’t you want to know. The 29-year-old Country pop star has addressed the romance rumors for the very first time in a recent TikTok, but don’t get too excited. Instead of confirming or denying, she simply expressed her dismay that her love life was the subject of attention on popular gossip site DeuxMoi.

In the video on Monday (Jan. 16), Ballerini addresses her followers while showing them a screenshot of a discussion that took place on DeuxMoi’s Instagram account that same day. The person who anonymously runs DeuxMoi had posted on Instagram Stories a screenshot of a direct message they received from a follower who mentioned both Ballerini and Stokes by name and speculated about the likelihood of their relationship.

The sender of the message claimed that Ballerini is “too busy” to repeatedly ask a Soho House Nashville employee to actually be in a relationship with Stokes, calling their recent appearance at the college football national championship in Inglewood, California, a few days. before a “PR game”.

“I know, I know. Stop reading, stop looking,” Ballerini says in her TikTok, gesturing to the screenshotted conversation. “But what’s going on, guys? What?”

“Let’s not do this, you know?” she added before blowing a defeated raspberry.

The “Peter Pan” singer then captioned the video, “I’m breaking up with the internet 5 for sure.”

Fans have been curious about Ballerini and Stokes’ possible romantic connection since the two were included in a group photo from the championship that Raising Canes founder Todd Graves shared on social media. Later, Stokes shared a carousel of photos that included a picture of him cozying up to a blonde woman he tagged as Ballerini, who sat next to him at the match.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini sort of address Chase Stokes dating rumors in her new TikTok below:

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