Keith Murray wants Diddy to give him his release

Keith Murray have demanded Diddy give him his publishing rights.

In one of the latest episodes of his interview with The art of dialogue, Murray recalled of the time he was tapped to feature on G. Dep’s track “Special Delivery (Remix).” from 2001. The Def Squad rapper admitted he had no idea about publishing at the time and all he saw was the $5,000 check Puff allegedly paid him for the rights to his verse.

“They call me, ‘Yo, Murray come to the studio and do the song. I wrote my shit first and Trackmasters did the beat, then Harve [Pierre] come, ‘Yo, Puffy wants to buy the publisher.’ Back then, I didn’t know how to buy publishing houses. N-gga gave me $5,000 for publishing, I took the check and went and bought a Rolex from the Diamond District.”

He continued: “The song was a single, then there was a video, then it popped. Come on shit,’Yo! This for my n-ggas dem special delivery / Bang ya head off to this, fucking up your memory.’ For this day!”

Despite being persuaded by Puffy to naively give up his publishing rights, Keith Murray hailed Erik Sermon for having a different approach to artists when it came to the business side of things.

“Erick Sermon was like, ‘Yo, you publish is important. He gave me and Redman our release,” he said. “He never messed with our intellectual property for financial gain. It’s one of the things the boss always gave us and showed us.”

Murray then explained that he wanted his release back from Diddy so he could put it under his children’s names and allow them to reap the long-term rewards.

“Yo Puff, I want my release to put it in Madison and Dolly’s name. My kids Madison and Milan because Dolly doesn’t need it,” he demanded. “Puff, sign this paperwork. I want my release Puff. Puff, it’s my release and I want it now! It’s my money and I want it now!”

The New York native ended the segment by revealing that he will be signing with Bad Boy and has an album produced by Erick Sermon titled The Ugliest Thing in the World in the chamber.

Keith Murray has been on quite a media tour in recent weeks with all the stories he shared with The art of dialogue.

One of the most recent tales involved him attending Nas “broke” with a jewelry thief who tried to grab his diamond bracelet.

Murray explained that he was out shopping with his friend and their children on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, New York, when he saw two men off to the side, watching them. He eventually ran into Nas and greeted him before the robbery attempt went down.

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“Nas comes out of the barbershop and we all cross paths and then Nas is like fighting,” he recalled. “I bump into him, he bumps into me, and I put the kids in the car. Then Nas goes, ‘No, no, not here, not here, no,’ and Nas struggles with the bracelet.

Murray and his friend got into the car with the kids as Nas fended off the attackers. He wanted to help Nas by hitting the thieves with his car, but he knew he couldn’t do that with the kids in the back.

“If I hit the n-gga, the police will come and get us because the vehicle will be at the crime scene,” he added. “So I can’t save us. I’m going to have to go; I got the kids. But I’m keeping my cool like, ‘Oooh, I’ve got the two two right here, oooh these suck.'”

Murray admitted he couldn’t figure out if he or Nas were set up. He asked the Queensbridge rapper who the guys were later, but all he said was that it was a “close one”.

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