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Kate Bush talks about ‘extraordinary’ comeback in rare BBC interview: ‘The world has gone crazy’

There are comebacks, and it’s there Kate Bush. The 63-year-old English singer, songwriter and national treasure is the hottest property in pop right now, with a little help from a hit sci-fi series.

It’s a comeback you did not see coming and that you could not have made up.

Driven by its synchronization in season four of Netflix ‘ Stranger ThingsBush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill” has sprung to No. 1 in the UK, Australia and the Billboard Global 200 Chart for the first time, rising to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, for her first career Top 10 appearance in the United States With his British hit list supremacy, Bush busts three long-standing records.



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It really is a strange thing. Make no mistake, Bush has seen the action and felt the love.

“It’s just extraordinary,” she says BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. “I mean, it’s such a great series, I thought the number would get some attention, but I never imagined it would be anything like that. It’s so exciting. It’s really shocking, right? The whole world was crazy, ”she says with a laugh.

Bush rarely appears in public, on television or radio. Gardening is her “thing now,” she tells host Emma Barnett in a pre-recorded interview aired Wednesday morning (June 22).

Her stay at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014 was manna from heaven for her fans, some of whom traveled the world to capture the enigmatic artist.

Bush’s rare BBC interview was a “thank you”, a shout out to all who have tuned in, and to the Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things who made the magic happen. “What’s really wonderful is that this is a whole new audience that in many cases has not heard of me, and I love that,” Bush continues. “The thought of all these young people hearing this song for the first time and discovering it, yes, I think it’s very special.”

During the chat, Bush admitted that she knows the song by its original name, “A Deal With God.” she seldom listens to her old things; and she has been a fan of Stranger Things since the beginning.

“I think they put it in a very special place,” she said of the Duffer brothers. I thought, what a wonderful way (“Running Up That Hill”) to be used, in such a positive way. Almost like a kind of talisman for Max, ”she explains. “I think it’s really touching, really.”

Bush, who was nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, is on his way to another week at the top of the official UK hit list, the results of which will be unveiled late Friday.

Based on midweek data, her career retrospective Whole story could lift itself into the UK Top 20 for the first time this year.

So how does Bush’s son feel about having a famous mother again. “I think he thinks it’s pretty cool,” she says.

Stream the interview here.

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