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Kanye West is in the news again, this time for getting into a heated confrontation with a fellow parent at his son’s Saints football game.

In the recordings obtained by TMZ, You can be seen engaged in a conversation with someone before a parent says anything to him. The rapper appears to say something to the parent as he begins walking towards another part of the park.

Kim Kardashian can be seen sitting close by with security around while watching what’s going on next to her with Kanye. It’s unclear what prompted Ye to have the confrontation, but witnesses say he returned minutes later to watch the rest of the fight in peace.

The incident comes weeks after Ye showed up to her daughter North’s basketball game wearing one “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, causing outrage among many. Kim was present at the match, but as reported by TMZshe does not speak to the father of her children.

Showing his frustration over his kid’s soccer game hasn’t been the only bit of emotion Kanye has revealed recently. Over the weekend, the Chicago native had words for Roxie Washington, mother of George Floyd’s daughterwho is considering suing him for $250 million, and Ari Emmanuelthe powerful media executive who wrote an op-ed urging companies to cut ties with him.

“I gave $2 million out of my pocket for the family,” Kanye told Washington regarding the $250 million lawsuit she is filing against Kanye. “To help George’s daughter…Your daughter!” Kanye wrote in part. “Either you’re being controlled or you’re greedy … GOD doesn’t like ugly … Look at your damn hat. Your hat is ugly.”

He had that too words to Stephen Jacksonwho came to the defense of Washington and George Floyd’s family after Ye claimed that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and that former officer Derek Chauvin did not leave his knee on his neck for eight minutes.

Sharing his message via his Parler page, Kanye wasted no time in letting Jackson know how to approach him while also giving his version of the whole situation while also letting him know how things will move forward.

Kanye West blames Kyrie Irving blunder on Jews before latest Instagram suspension

“My name is Ye Stephen. I gave 2 million to the family, then Roxie threatened to sue me for giving a different perspective. I have actually been suspended from instagram for 30 days for my truth, I am a digital prisoner right now , but if you keep talking, I’ll keep talking, if you shut the hell up, I’ll leave it,” Kanye wrote.

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