Kanye West shares first song since anti-Semitic interviews and social posts

Kanye West has had a lot to say over the past few months, facing backlash over his anti-Semitic interviews and social media since early October, but the only place he hasn’t been vocal is in song.

That changed on Wednesday (Dec. 7), when Ye dropped a new song titled “Someday We’ll Be Free,” which samples Donny Hathaway’s 1973 song of the same name for his Instagram and also shared it with Alex Jones to play on his far-right talk show InfoWars.

The lyrics deal with much of the controversy of the past two months, including his strained relationship with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and his now-banned Twitter account.

“Tweeted deathcon now we’re over three,” he repeats to end the song in reference to antisemitic tweet it first got him banned on the now-Elon Musk-run Twitter.

After causing outrage with “White Lives Matter” T-shirts in early October at Paris Fashion Week, West tweeted that he would go “death con 3” on Jews in October. 16. This set off a series of hate-filled interviews that alienated his many business partners (Adidas, Gap, CAA and more dropped him) and fans alike (the r/Kanye subreddit account has started sharing educational literature about the Holocaust and posts about his one-time rival Taylor Swift instead of Ye news). The interviews reached an even more disturbing level last week, then West appeared on Jones’ InfoWars and said “I see good things about Hitler,” among other damaging statements.

On the music front, West’s latest album, Donna 2, was released in February. He’s also featured on a few tracks from other artists, including Cardi B’s “Hot Sh–,” also featuring Lil Durk, from July.

See text (as published at West’s Instagram) below:

To wake up to
I can’t make this more text
And the Bible said
I can’t have sex anymore
Until marriage
And not a drop before Paris
And the meek shall flourish
So where is my aris
You wouldn’t understand
How thin the air is
friends just stare
And everyone is a Karen
When they claim they care and
Didn’t get a fair hand
Gets calls from parents
God calls for prayers
Temptation at a glance
I forgot what fear is
I forgot what fear is
I forgot what fear is
Other than the fear of the Almighty Yashua
Who knew you
Before you knew who you were

Wear a Donda t-shirt
Because you answer me

You know, quite frankly
All honor me

I know it’s the reason for the headlines
Why she wants to leave

You know I follow God
So you should follow me

I will never rock with any of you in any way
And I pull up the white OJ
And the clock filled up with Oshays
It’s Jackson because it’s ugly
Tweeted deathcon
Now we are over three
Tweeted deathcon
Now we are over three

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