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Kanye West has revealed that he believes the death of his mother, Donda West, was part of a grand plan by “Hollywood” to “control” and “traumatize” him.

In an exclusive new clip shared by The shadow room, Ye shared his theory while speaking to paparazzi from the passenger side of a car. But he doesn’t believe he’s the only black celebrity to fall victim to this conspiracy.

“My mom ain’t here,” Kanye West said. “My mother was victimized. Michael Jordan, what about him? His father, right? Bill Cosby, his son. Dr. Dre, his son. Out in Hollywood, there are many people who are missing. It feels like it can be a lot of it, to control, to traumatize.

“They want to make money and traumatize,” he continued, “And God love me, they beat me, Gap, adidas, they took all that away. Still, Forbes, who hates me, right, had to write, net worth 400 million dollars. Jesus is king. God loves me.”

Prior to the accusation, Ye brought up other black celebrities, like Shaquille O’Neal who have condemned his recent behavior as he claimed he will not be controlled.

“They can’t control me,” he said. “They can control Shaq. They can control Charles Barkley. They can control LeBron James. They can manage JAY-Z and Beyonce. But they can’t control me. You see, it’s not a name I won’t mention. It’s up.”

This new interview comes after a relatively quiet week, following a whirlwind month in October in which Kanye West came under fire for a series of anti-Semitic statements in interviews and on social media.

Especially, adidas was among several companies who cut ties with West over his controversial comments which allegedly costing him his coveted billionaire status. Balenciaga also parted ways with Ye just weeks after inviting them to open their Paris Fashion Week show.

Fat Joe talks about private conversation with Kanye West after recent controversies

The GOOD Music mogul also caused a stir when he told Drink Champs hosts NORE and DJ EFN that he believed George Floyd died of a drug overdose.

In response to his controversial remarks, Floyd’s family submitted a $250 million lawsuit on behalf of Floyd’s daughter, who is the sole beneficiary of his estate.

While he wanted to continue sorry to the familyhe has redoubled his feelings the Jewish business community in spite of devastating effect on his career,

The controversial Chicago rap mogul who is currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his ex-wife Kim Kardashianclaimed on November 1 that his former lawyer warned him his inflammatory remarks could cost him custody of them four children.

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