Kanye West claims he was threatened with a prison sentence of over 50 million. USD in tax bill

Kanye West has claimed in a recent interview that he almost ended up behind bars for tax evasion and that he ended up having to pay a million sum to get out of it.

Ye performed at Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL podcast on Monday (Nov. 28) with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and white supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos — both working on his 2024 presidential campaign — where they mostly talked about the backlash to the rapper’s anti-Semitic comments.

Before Ye stormed out of the interview after Tim Pool’s Defense of the Jewish People Donna polymath also said in a separate story that the feds almost busted him for tax evasion.

“This morning I found out they were trying to put me in jail because what they did was I moved $140 million into JP Morgan. And I said, ‘I want to talk to Jamie Dimon [JP Morgan CEO], Ye said about eight minutes. “Like, look at me, I’m just going naive, you know, multi-billionaire, like, ‘Maybe Jamie Dimon will let me in on a deal flow.’ Wrong! And I’m clapping my hands like, ‘I want to meet with Jamie !’ I start complaining online and then they write me off for complaining.”

He continued: “So I’m getting hammered by, they’re like, ‘You’ve got to go to Trump’s bank – Axos or whatever’. And I’m like, ‘I’ve been trying to buy my own bank for the longest time.’ We figured out how to get my own bank – it’s like $50 million, $75 million – so I’m about to buy my own bank, but when they’re taking the money out, adidas comes here with a 275 million dollar bill for marketing funds that they agreed to. Because I said to them, ‘Hey, I’m the marketer; give me the marketing fund.’

“I won’t mention her name because she’s a nice lady, but someone at CohnReznick tells me — and I tell all my financiers never use the term ‘a lot’ — but they said, ‘OK, you’re going to have to pay a LOT of taxes .’ And it made me feel like they were just waiting like, ‘We finally got him! We can finally put him in jail!’

Ye added that after six hours of deliberation, he discovered he owed about $50 million in back payments. “Now I go to different CFOs like, ‘So would this be tax evasion?’ Because I’m obviously not the most financially oriented,” he said.

Those comments came before Ye, most notably, stormed out of the interview when the podcast’s host Tim Pool refused to admit that Jews ran the media — one of many damaging anti-Semitic stereotypes Kanye has spewed in recent weeks.

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Tim Pool continued after Ye’s departure: “Are you going to go? He’s done. I’ll say it right now: You guys want to bring this up and then think we’re not going to have a conversation?”

He continued: “You think Ye will come in here and say, ‘Here’s my pain, here’s my suffering,’ and I’ll say, ‘I hear you.’ And then he’ll say, ‘And it was Jewish people,’ and I’ll say, ‘Okay, but don’t consider…’

He then mimicked Kanye’s reaction to the conversation: “‘I won’t do that, I refuse.’

Kanye West has made various anti-Semitic comments about Social Mediain interviews and in published texts to peers like Diddy in recent weeks. These have resulted in a lot of scrutiny for the Yeezy mogul.

The Chicago rap star has lost lucrative partnerships with Balenciaga, Def Jam and especially adidas with the latter lowering his personal net worth from $1.9 billion to around $400 million.

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