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Julion Alvarez’s music is back on DSPs after US authorities cleared him of links to Mexican Drug Kingpin

Regional Mexican artist Julión Álvarez announced Monday (June 20) that his music is officially back on Spotify, five years after authorities banned him from earning his music in the United States.

During an Instagram Live, Álvarez gave his fans an update on his music – old and forthcoming – and his situation with the US authorities. “After I was taken off the list by the authorities in May, everything has been a process in which not only we are involved, but also the record company (Universal Music Group / Fonovisa). We still have an agreement with them, so legally they had to upload my music. “



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In 2017, Álvarez – frontman of Julión Álvarez Y Su Norteño Banda – was linked to Mexican drug lord Raul Flores Hernandez and the Flores Drug Trafficking Organization by the U.S. Treasury Department, resulting in, according to authorities, “all assets belonging to individuals and entities designated that are under U.S. jurisdiction or are under the control of U.S. individuals, are frozen, and U.S. individuals are generally prohibited from entering into transactions with them. “

Álvarez has since categorically denied all ties, and on May 27th he was taken off Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially designated nationals.

In his post on social media, the Chiapas-born artist also explained that there were several accounts that tried to upload his music on digital streaming platforms “illegally”, but that they would eventually be removed. Spotify was the first DSP where fans could once again stream Álvarez’s albums, including his 2017 set Ni Diablo Ni Santowhich topped as No. 9 on Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums Chart.

“We’re slowly working on other platforms to get my music onto the rest of them,” the singer said. “Things continue to be favorable. It’s another victory, and in a way I get tools back to keep working. God will, in a few days, we’ll be able to release new music.”

During a press conference held in Mexico when it was announced that he was being taken off the list, Álavrez explained why he was initially affiliated with the drug trafficking organization. “In 2013, I joined a construction company that builds homes, but I had no idea these people [I went into business with] was followed by the government and that is why they associated me with them, ”said Álvarez, who presented the letter, which acquitted him of all charges. “During this process, I learned many things. Personally, I am now more patient and calm. There is a before and after side to this situation. Now I have the strength and knowledge to manage my finances. I have been through a lot of research and discrimination, but I can now go out with my head held high and say that we are victories. “

Since his appointment to the authorities – which was at the height of his career as one of the best-selling numbers in the regional Mexican genre – Álvarez had not toured in the United States, while there is no information on when he will start tour again, the singer actually said that his deal with Universal ends after delivering the last album he owes.

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