Juicy J Makes AJ Dilla-Type Album With Executive Producer Logic

Juicy J‘s next album will reportedly deviate from his usual party songs and be more along the lines of a J Dilla and Alchemist kind of sound – with Logic set to executive produce it.

Logic revealed the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday (January 25) while goofing around with Juicy in a fake interview.

“For those of you who don’t know, I, Logic, am actually producing one of Juicy J’s next albums,” he said. “It’s the most Dilla, Hip Hop, Alchemist, gangsta, Madlib shit ever.”

When asked Juicy how he felt about it, the Memphis native added, “It’s some real shit.”

Logic has been working closely with the Dilla sound lately, recently revealed that he had scrapped an entire album where he exclusively rapped over unreleased beats from the late producer.

“I did a whole J Dilla album, but that’s another story for another time,” Logic said in a YouTube live stream earlier this month. “And it wasn’t anything about the estate… everything was fine, it’s just… I was like, ‘I’m straight.'” Like, I recorded this whole J Dilla album with all the unreleased beats and shit, and I was like : “I am alright.”

Instead, the Maryland native would rather see the production fall into the hands of Boldy James, like last year announced his own project over unreleased Dilla beats.

“I’d rather see Boldy do it. He’s gonna fucking kill it,” Logic added. “The fact that I could even rap on it was really good. And who knows, maybe it will see the light of day. But we’ll see.”

Juicy J says there’s nothing wrong with paying a woman’s bills

Juicy J released three collaborative albums last year alone, and judging by the latest news, his hustle isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

After teaming up with his Taylor Gang labelmate Wiz Khalifa in February 2022 Stoner’s Nighthe also released Space Age Pimpin with producer Pierre Bourne in June and Crypto business with Lex Luger and the Trap-A-Holics last November.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time … and I’m going to keep going,” shared Juicy MTV News in 2020. “My children’s children want to listen to Juicy J. I want to be like Tony Bennett here: 80 years old and still getting Grammys and shit. This is what I love to do and I’m a genius at it – so give me my flowers, man.”

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