Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Joint Album Stopped Due To ‘Politics’

Juelz Santana has explained why his and Lil Waynes long-awaited collaborative album I can’t feel my face has yet to get a major label release.

Talking to VladTVthe Harlem native discussed the politics that got in the way of him and Weezy dropping their album.

In the mid-2000s, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne had fans in a frenzy with reports of a joint album on the horizon, but nothing materialized. There ended up being a version of the album that leaked online and there was very little fanfare compared to what might have been had the project been given a full release.

“Me and Wayne, like usual, we made a lot of records together,” Juelz explained. “A project worth it was leaked. About 20 records were leaked out there, which is I can’t feel my face you see. Politically, we didn’t get the album put out on a major label because there was too much politics at the time and you had Def Jam, Universal, Cash Money and the Diplomats, you know what I’m saying.

“Four different entities that had to come to an agreement and come under an agreement to push a project. As you can see, Wayne was supposed to drop an album with T-Pain, the T-Wayne album. That album came out never. Just so you know, it wasn’t a Juelz and Wayne [situation].”

He added: “Back then, like the way you get projects now from big artists, you didn’t come back today around our time because it was so much involved for you to get it. It was never about the artists, we were cool and we made music together. It was a lot bigger than us. We didn’t have final control. Look, now it’s a lot smaller. That’s why you can have a Durk and Lil Baby, you can have Drake and Future. “

Juelz went on to explain that the theme of the project was to keep the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcollaborative albums going with other artists. I can’t feel my face was intended to be a series of projects, and Wayne and Juelz would have handled the first edition, while the following installments would include two other superstar rappers.

Unfortunately, label politics and the strict rules in place at the time derailed these plans, but Juelz and Wayne still remained good friends and have recorded other material together.

According to Juelz, it is not a matter of will I can’t feel my face drop, but when. “We actually got music recorded right now, so as far as an I Can’t Feel My Face project, me and Wayne, it’s never to the point where it’s like it’s ever going to come out. It could come out tomorrow .”

Juelz Santana is addressing claims that Lil Wayne stole his style

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne was recently honored with his very own exhibit at National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) for his 40th birthday.

According to an official press release, the NMAAM in Nashville, Tennessee, opened an event where people could view artifacts provided by Weezy, such as his Grammy for Rap Album of the Year, his BET “I Am Hip-Hop” Award, a handwritten letter from Rikers Island and a original CD of his major debut album, Tha Block Is Hot.

Students attending the exhibition can also hear a virtual speech from Lil Wayne as well as live music. There’s also an interactive part of the exhibit where people can record themselves reciting Lil Wayne’s lyrics in a rap booth set up by NMAAM.

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