Juelz Santana Checks DJ Vlad Over Jadakiss Bandana Question

Juelz Santana has taken a stand and refuses to let DJ Vlad make any more of his exchange with Jadakiss during last summer’s Dipset Verzuz faceoff against The Lox.

In a clip from a recent VLAD TV interview, the DJ-turned-media personality brings up the moment Jadakiss grabbed Juelz’s signature bandana, calling it a disrespectful move. The Harlem rapper immediately shut down that suggestion, explaining that he took no offense to it.

“You’re trying to start some shit, shut up Vlad, you’re not,” Juelz Santana said. “It was all fair [in] love and war, Vlad. Stop what you’re doing. It wasn’t.

He continued: “You’re doing shit like that. Then say it would have escalated: that would be bad, wouldn’t it? You said what you said, I respect that. But I won’t let you do it. You still my man, that was a good shot. But I’ll nip it in the bud.”

Juelz went on to explain that any thrill fans could have read from their body language on stage was part of the show. He added that he and Jadakiss share a relationship based on mutual love and respect, and that they texted and joked about the viral moment minutes after Verzuz ended.

“I got so much love and respect for Jada,” Juelz Santana said. “That’s why I said I won’t let you do it. But it’s not even about you, you COULDN’T. For me and Jada, the respect and love we have for each other beyond him taking off my bandana. Whatever happened that night, it was all for the culture and we put on a beautiful show.”

Earlier in the clip, the “There It Go” rapper revealed that he felt like only one other Verzuz matchup could compare to The Lox vs. Dipset event, which took place in front of a live audience at Madison Square Garden on August 3rd.

“I think the only one that even had anything like that was Jeezy and [Gucci]”, he explained. “But the only thing we had that gave us the edge was that we had a crowd there and the pandemic was over. I think the audience gave us so much more energy. The energy in that building that night at Madison Square Garden was phenomenal. You thought Frank Lucas was in there with the chinchilla and the hat. That was the energy in that building that night. It was amazing, immaculate, beautiful.”

In the end, though, Juelz Santana isn’t afraid to admit that The Lox won their epic battle.

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“I feel like they’re more culturally a group than we are,” he said in a separate clip from the interview. “I feel like we’re individual superstars that just form Voltron when we meet, I, Jim and Cam. And I feel like The Lox, the aesthetic is more of a group.

Juelz Santana continued, “I mean, Jada and Styles have so many records where they go back to back; like line for line, not even a damn verse for verse. I think me and Cam might have a record like that. So the camaraderie they have playing as a team, as a unit. We play as a team, as a unit, but it’s a different way.”

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